Has it been 10 years already??!!!

SDS Classic logoIt was 10 years ago today when I decided that the virtual world needed a new URL and somethingdotsomething.com was purchased!  It was another year before the site got any content and even longer before it was any good. (citation needed)

I have enjoyed publishing here.  I hope to continue and to add more and grander works as well.

Played with PoisonTap network hijacking tool

Poison Tap in Action

@SamyKamkar¬†made an impressive and terrifying tool. ¬†This simple USB device steals your cookies, poisons your¬†cache, and even persists a web backdoor. ¬†On¬†a locked machine¬†no less! ¬†It depends much on the trust that our computers take for granted. ¬†Trusting a USB device is not up to no good. ¬†Trusting the local network not trying to confuse. We must reexamine this trust going forward. ¬†It didn’t take long to get it up and running, however once you do, you can spend hours tinkering. ¬†(i was¬†working to combine it with @mubix‘s work here)

I am also delighted to have my first Raspberry Pi as a USB device rather then host.  it is certainly exciting to create some new doodads using this dangerous toolkit.


I have since made a version without the cache attack. ¬†I completely failed to steal the poisontap visuals, but TheCodePlayer offers a delightful matrix animation. ¬†next step is to man in the middle¬†ssl too. ¬†I’m turning it into a device that logs everything while connected, but doesn’t¬†persist.

Something is getting better!

https lock iconMy blog is now distributed with Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN using powerful encryption and signed by a proper CA certificate.  See the shiny green lock?  Like a grown-up adult website.  After only 8.5 years.  Congratulations!  Thank you StartSSL!

Update:  you may have noticed that the transition has been a bit bumpy.  Still getting the hang of things and this website needs a lot of work (possibly a complete resurfacing).  I am sorry about the downtime and all the SSL errors, I am working on it.  Thanks Eric, I hope I didn’t step on your birthday plans kidnapping your brain. 

Dreamhost you made a fool of me.

Dreamhost Logo

I recommended Dreamhost highly for many years. ¬†When Mac Enthusiasts asked me where they should host their email, I said Dreamhost without a pause. ¬†We moved the MX record over the weekend from Media Temple to Dreamhost and waited as the DNS records propagated throughout the internet. ¬†Monday morning I left everyone’s new credentials on a note so they could get to work. ¬†Immediately, we noticed a problem. ¬†The mail server was unresponsive. ¬†By noon, I had a good understanding of the problem and I submitted a support request. ¬†Dreamhost did not respond until after 9pm and this was all they said.

I’m terribly sorry for the issues with the mail service responding slowly¬†today. It looks like there was an issue with our POP/IMAP machines¬†causing the slowness with the accessing of your mailbox earlier today. ¬†Our Admins were able to look into this matter and get the issue resolved. ¬†This was a temporary issue with the mail load spiking, resulting in the¬†slowness, but that’s all resolved now.

Oh good one might think. ¬†Problem reported, problem solved. ¬†Not so. ¬†Of course now that buisness was done, I couldn’t verify their claim. Again I waited to see if their claim was true. ¬†It was not. ¬†It the light of Tuesday morning macenthusiasts.com email was completely unusable from the office. ¬†So once again, I¬†carefully composed my support request. ¬†They quickly responded with additional questions,¬†I¬†immediately answered. ¬†They wanted the IP of the office and a traceroute to their mail server. ¬†No response¬†from Dreamhost¬†until 1am. ¬†This is what they said:

This should be resolved with the load balancing issues resolved. I just checked multiple email addresses from your domain, and was able to connect to them on multiple ports. I also checked and found that your office IP address is not currently banned. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you, your tickets were placed in my queue when I was out of
the office. Please let us know if the issues are continuing in the office, so we can continue to look at the office, and troubleshoot there.

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My first domain is mine again! muhahaha!

Bill The Cat campaignBack in 1997, I¬†registered my first domain benforpresident.org. ¬†It was a silly site that I¬†would do almost nothing with. ¬†I had grand plans for a genuine run for 2016. ¬†With technology on my side, how could I¬†fail? ¬†Well, I missed a registration payment and it was snatched from me. ¬†Oddly, the content¬†remained the same in the hands of it’s new owner. ¬†Nothing was added, nothing was changed. (apart from some tracking javascript). ¬†Yesterday on a whim, I¬†checked it’s availability and reacquired it. ¬†I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with it, but for now, I¬†have set the clock back to 1997. ¬†typos and all. ¬†got ideas?