AirFlick- awesome new way to send media to your apple TV!

AirFlick is a new piece of software that easily lets you send videos and pictures to your apple tv from a computer without hassling with itunes. it is simple, fast, and best of all free!  It’s created by teacher, writer, coder, hacker, and all around great gal, Erica Sadun.

Oficial Site for Erica’s AirPlay related software

ode to the backup!

As if I haven’t already learned my lesson, i continue to tempt fate. just yesterday i skated by on my data recovery skills and pure luck when i nearly lost 200GB of personally encoded tested and tagged dvds! i can only imagine how many hours of man and machine work to went into that collection. i’ll only have to redo a handful of movies. lets hope they haven’t wondered off, that they are in their cases, and all the horrible things that drove me to encode them all in the first place. if you care about it, back it up. storage is so cheap now. there is no reason not to just back everything up!

Infinate USB memory!

In the coolest workaround yet, Infinitec out of Dubai made this nifty little gadget that lets your server, NAS, or any PC with media be accessible as if it were on a USB thumb drive.  It even fakes out file systems that have a 1 or 2GB barrier.  It relies on wifi so you do have to be in range. . . we can dream.