iOS 11! installed!

looking good with exciting new Control Center and loads of other features. my favorite is 5x sleep to disable touch ID (instantly and temporarily). I am looking forward to the new Augmented Reality features built into ARkit. I cannot wait to see what developers do with it.

There are a few sticky wickets (i.e. Apple changed the bluetooth and wifi toggle functionality in Control Center). For example, if you “turn off” wifi it actually just disassociates you from your current network leaving your wifi radio on and functioning. i don’t mind because i wanted exactly this feature. if you actually want to turn off a radio, you need to go to your Settings app or turn on Airplane mode.

Apple maps is stepping up their game with indoor maps of malls, airports and others allowing navigation without GPS or even a view of the sky. Easy trick to share your complex wifi password with other apple devices and of course native animated GIF support!

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Waisting my time at the Apple Store

I’m at the Apple Store resolving an issue with my iPhone camera.  The same camera Jitter that is already an extended replacement with Apple for the iPhone 6 Plus.  No warranty left and no love for my 6s Plus. They wanted to charge me $80.  After begrudgingly agreeing and waiting an hour for the repair.  i returned to a phone with a completely non-functioning camera.  whoops.

Final iPhone Backup Before Apple Replacement

I hurriedly backed up my phone in preparation for Apple replacing it.  I have now been here for 3 hours.  I spent most of my time waiting for someone.  Now waiting for activation of the new phone.   Then waiting for restore.  In all, my customer service experience was much worse then expected.  After very helpful and accommodating internet support, I received absolutely terrible support from the Apple Store itself.  When i asked to complain to a manager, the “Leader” they brought out was condescending and robotic in his rhetoric.  The 2nd guy, was a lot more understanding, but Apple needs to take a hard look at their customer service.

End of an era! shuttered after 7+ years!

In truth, I haven’t touched it in years.  I haven’t even touched cydia recently. Sadly, all this work would only be useful for someone with an original or 3g iPhone. Apple certainly doesn’t support those devices anymore.  Does anyone still use them?  Unfortunately, my ISP insists that I remove the content.  After 7 years of hosting it, they realized it violates TOS.  I should check the logs.  I wonder if it will even be missed.  People say the internet never forgets.  Sometimes it is quite the opposite. For nostalgias sake, I left the instructions site up: (at least that does’t violate Dreamhost TOS).  For the record, much of my work continued support well into iOS 4. site

. . . Maybe it will rise again on S3?

Bizarre FaceTime error could have horrifying security implications!

ios9 facetime iconI just got off a very strange call. Apparently, a complete stranger received a FaceTime request from me. “Butt Dial” right?  no big deal. Not this time.  At the time, i was in the middle of a FaceTime call with my dad.  I am almost certain I know exactly when it happened because i noticed a call-waiting style interruption on our call.  The first strange thing i noticed was that the incoming caller was my dad.  The same dad, I was presently talking to.  I rejected the call, thinking it was my dad accidentally calling from a different device. Then, moments later I get a mobile call from another LA number.  This time from an irate husband demanding to know why I would FaceTime his wife.  Unfortunately, I may have given them the wrong impression by asking questions of them.  The IT guy inside me wanted to figure out what just happened. Needless to say, they didn’t enjoy being grilled.  I barely had time to get out a few apologies, i don’t think they even realized that I hadn’t actually even called them.  I did get some answers.  They were not on a call at the time.  They were not even on the device.  My call history shows no outgoing calls save my dad.  my dad’s history doesn’t show the missed call on my history from him. I am almost certain I will never know what actually happened.  I am guessing that Apple FaceTime system might be a bit more duct tape and spit then we were lead to believe.

Amazing timing. I just got that. . .

iphone custom payload

For the past few days, I have been gathering the pieces for a project I finally started tonight.  The strange part is that until tonight, I didn’t know that I’d be on this project.  It involves an old iOS device, custom payloads, older Mac OS and especially old Xcode.  It is as if it touched on everything i had been blogging about this week.  Nothing new.  Just stuff I was letting myself forget.  None of it works with any of the newer devices (explains all the old code).  It also involved finding my old methods or rediscovering them.  When I’m done, I will pack it up nicely, document it thoroughly and hopefully never have to redo this part of the work again.  Thanks for the much needed distraction, now back to work.  (the gif above is from a very early payload from 2010 with much help from eric)

TBT: Remembering Hacktivation and some trickery I did 4 years ago. . .

Warning about packageBack in the days of hacked bootloaders and software unlocks, iOS (or was it still iPhoneOS back then) hackers could build custom ispw(s) that could be installed directly upon the device.  This wouldn’t just jailbreak, but it could install any number of 3rd party packages in one awesome sweep.  I prepared just such a custom package.  I wrote a post about it here.  At the time, I hesitated to post the actual packages for obvious reasons.  I do it today because i honestly don’t care and I was highly amused to recently discover that I never stopped hosting the files nor the instructions that I hastily wrote to aid a few friends.

Originally, these instructions were written to the winner of the auction for my phone.  (I promised that i would help him upgrade the software without breaking the soft unlock).  Back in those days, it was possible to sell a hacked and unlocked iPhone for more then the cost of upgrading to the new one.  A helpful way to finance constant hardware upgrades.