After passing countless fields of agave we finally arrived in the town of Tequila.  Home of a drink of the same name.  We visited the Jose Cuervo factory.  Tour and tastes for tourists because most of the actual Tequila production and all of the bottling takes place near Guadalajara.  I had a great time, even while I was almost beaned by a falling agave (they can be 50-70 kilos).  I learned much about the making and drinking of Tequila.  We even got to see the private cellar.  It was actually lost for decades, only found when growth and expansion lead to serious remodeling.

After the tour we met up with a friend Eric had made on his previous visit.  We met up for more drinks and wonderful conversation.  A really great guy with a lovely fiancé.  He is building a Tequila factory of his own.  As the day came to an end, we had to pack our car and get back on the road.  The sun was setting on the agave fields as we drove on to Morelia.