Status update:

Neil Gaiman introducing good omens at screening

The first episode was a great start to what i know will be an entertaining and darkly hilarious madcap adventure.  Waiting for the remaining episodes will be the difficult part.  Neil Gaiman delivered a brief and amusing introduction. Tasty nibbles were provided. Though this work is originally from nearly 30 years ago, i only read it a few months ago.  Perfect timing (i did not know the show was coming).

Good Omens Poster Projection

Surprise visit from Nathan Fillion to my living room!

be3n with Nathan Fillion

Even Captan Hammer needs tech support! I am always delighted to be awesome in the presence of someone who’s work i respect and admire.  Forest was furious as soon as she recovered from the shock of it!  She asked me to help tidy, not two hours earlier.  I am a master procrastinator where cleaning is concerned.  “Lets just watch TV instead,” I said. This may have hurt those efforts for years to come.

ComicCon 2014 is done and we had a blast!

ComicCon 2014 Costume be3n Chewbacca Bath RobeOur visit to San Diego is over, but the memories live on. I usually post as I go, but the cell service was so atrocious at the convention center, I couldn’t do any more then text from the convention floor. Here are some of my pics.  I think i’ll start with the bath robe I almost bought.  It was luxuriously soft and made me look like my favorite Wookie.

This year I explored the free open to all NerdHQ that was set up at Petco Park.  it was pretty cool with lots of video game demos, panels,  and other neat stuff.  Some of the neatest was a display from Stupid Buddy Studios the stop motion guys who bring us Robot Chicken, among many other fun projects.

This guy actually controls the camera setup during the shoots with this modified Nintendo Power Glove. Love the retooled retro cool.  I also learned about the culture of their office.  It is themed like a scout troupe complete with patches awarded for projects completed and woodland wall paper in their LA offices.  See some of the patches sewn into uniform shirts reminiscent of brownie uniforms of the 80s.

Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Production PatchesComic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Power Glove
Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Set
ComicCon 2014 Convention Center Mariot
Comic Con 2014 Creature CreationComic Con 2014 Costume Skeletor
Comic Con 2014 Costume Tim Burtons Mad Hatter Queen Of HeartsComic Con 2014 Costume Zombie Princess
Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Set be3n climb buildingComic Con 2014 Local Cafe Tip War Marvel Vs DC
Of course I love it when the locals get in on the fun. See the ingenious technique used by a local cafe to get extra tips.  (DC was killing it)

Even Samsung had an amazing superhero inspired display made of their amazing devices.  Last, but certainly not least. . . Huge Thanks to Jenn!

Comic Con 2014 Ghostbusters Ecto1 be3nComic Con 2014 Samsung LoungeComic Con 2014 Costume Dr Octopus

Black Friday brings big TV!

waiting in line to buy my new 60″. doing my part to keep the economy going. A wonderful follow up to a tryptophantastic thanksgiving. i got lots of little things free (after rebate) and some much needed junk. All around a great holiday. after this home and then nap.

An unbelievable amount of beurocracy went into this purchase. Wow. The first problem was cashier i got was still in training. They couldn’t delete the warranty or an extra hdmi cable from my bill. I eventually had to return my imaginary cable and then go back to the cashier to get my cash. Including the checkout line, the whole process took nearly two hours.

Feeling much better after my nap. Watching Sorsorer’s Stone on the new TV. Fits and looks perfect in my living room. Reflection was my primary concern, but that proved to be nothing at all to worry about.

working with distraction. . .

I am working in the mixing and mastering studio of one of my favorite shows on television: HBO’s Treme.   The problem is that they are working on next week’s episode.  It is crunch time and they are working under deadline.  The hard part is that I am expected to work while a new unaired episode of my favorite new show is on a beautiful big screen right in front of my workstation.  Not easy.