Incredibly impassioned performance from The Mountain Goats!

The Mountain Goats at Mayan Theatre  - May 31, 2017

John and the gang performed a pile of new work intermingled with classics and a few unrecorded tracks.  It was an awesome show full of precious moments and supposition about drug enforcement or a legendary heavy metal club in Long Beach.   We met some great people and had a wonderful evening.  Thank you Carlos!

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Defcon 2016 photos and videos

Close ups of my much coveted badge.  Some hardware and base stations of the wifi village.  Both Information Society and Berlin played on Saturday night!  Shot a video of an amazing demo from the Car Hacking Village.  A car modified to play games instead of driving.  Also, the best of my flight home.  Some great pictures of Hoover dam and some of the solar farms and mesas as we few home.

defcon 2016 badge closedefcon 2016 badge chipdefcon 2016 wifi villagedefcon 2016 wifi village 2 
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last minute arrival to TMBG show!

They Might Be Giants at the El Ray Theatre in Los Angeles 3-26-2016

Coming from Wondercon to the show was only a bit stressful because I had left my tickets at home.  Luckily we got there moments before the show started.  Our late arrival didn’t help us stake a great spot.  Luckily my new camera has impressive zoom for it’s tiny package.  I even got some amazing video.

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Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix!

The MIM is an amazing place.  I just scratched the surface of its unbelievable exhibits. They have instruments and recordings from some of the most influential artists throughout history.  They even have a room where you can play some instruments yourself.  I saw an incredible collection of eclectic and innovative instruments from around the world. It includes a 2 ton dance organ called Apollonia from the 1920s that is played twice a day and John Lennon’s Piano used to compose Imagine.  Here are just a few of the images I collected.

be3n bangs a gongMIM blues harmonica collectionMIM 3D printed orchestra MIM accordionsMIM ukuleles
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Topanga Days! Music, Fun, and competitive eating.

Topanga Days 2011 CrowdsI attended Topanga’s anual fair. There was much excitement, great music, and some phenomenal costumes. We were having such a great time, we hardly noticed that Forest’s beer had been pilfered by Andy Dick. We discovered some great bands (like Afrobeat Down & Clare Means). I even entered the anual Pie Eating Competition. As my first go at competitive eating, i did fairly well, but i have a few pro tips for those interested. First off, don’t sit next to the craziest person in the competition. Don’t wear clothes you care about (not even as a spectator) and watch out for your nose. (I’m still pulling blueberries out of my nose)

Watch the video above or Download below:
Topanga Days 2011 Pie Eating (low)
Topanga Days 2011 Pie Eating (high)

Topanga Days 2011 Pie Eating contestants

me after pie eating contestMe After the Contest