Incredibly impassioned performance from The Mountain Goats!

The Mountain Goats at Mayan Theatre  - May 31, 2017

John and the gang performed a pile of new work intermingled with classics and a few unrecorded tracks.  It was an awesome show full of precious moments and supposition about drug enforcement or a legendary heavy metal club in Long Beach.   We met some great people and had a wonderful evening.  Thank you Carlos!

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Wondercon 2016 Pictures! At long last

Wondercon 2016 - be3n stormtroopers

The convention ended weeks ago.  I Finally got all my pictures sorted (as well as my dad’s).  These are a few of my favorites.  enjoy.  I had a blast and as usual, the costumes were amazing.  Thanks to my wife and my dad for making this happen and sharing your pictures.  Huge thanks to everyone at Wondercon and especially everyone in costume (please send me links and i will happily include them here).   See you next year!

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Beautiful day for flying

Cesna 182

It started off a bit hazy.  The air was not ideal for photography, but I still managed to capture a few great shots.  It was actually my first visit to Catalina Island.  Luckily, it was the first day of the late hours, but unfortunately the restaurant did not get the memo.  We had time to hike about before taking off again.  We took a meandering route back to Hawthorne and did some sight seeing.  I even took the yoke.  Continue reading for some amazing pictures.

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