The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – an amazing adventure!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is an incredible place.  We saw, touched, learned about and enjoyed countless animals from all over the globe.  Incredible views, amazing animals.  I got a video of a Grizzly Bear trying to catch a fish underwater!  Check out my pictures and videos.  This is certainly one of the top zoos I have ever visited.  (I would recommend taking the zoo shuttle for $2- My legs are still sore from all the walking up hill).  We also found a few extra animals like a Fearow.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SignCheyenne Mountain Zoo: GiraffeCheyenne Mountain Zoo: Elephant with Snack

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Celebrate Black Friday with friends at Tuna Canyon Park

As someone who enjoys his occasional blatant consumerism, I spent this year’s favorite shopping day in much more serene surroundings.  After an incredible brunch with friends in Topanga Canyon, we journeyed on to Tuna Canyon Park.  The air was so clear we could see for miles, even all the way to downtown Los Angeles.  After the sun set, Sushi (and Sake).  What a wonderful day.

Tuna Canyon Park Tuna Canyon Park Tuna Canyon Park Sunset

Ride though the forest on the steam locomotive Dixiana!

Departing from Roaring Camp to the summit of Bear Mountain, this was one of the most amazing train rides I have been on.  Certainly the most picturesque just beside Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.

Big Trees - Dixana be3n animation

This railroad has the distinction of having the steepest grade in North America!  The 9.25% grade didn’t seem so extreme when we rode it, however it did require the train to switch back and reverse direction in order to complete the journey.  I got a real education from the Brakeman on how a steam locomotive operates.  Enjoy my photographs.

Big Trees

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