Chinese New Year celebrated in Los Angeles!

Chinese New Year LA

We missed the parade, and even worried that the celebration might be winding down.  Luckily it turned out that the celebration was not even slowing.  Confetti cannons continued to fire, gathering so much on the ground that children were playing in it like snow.  Confetti angles, confetti ball fights, there were even some industrious youths that managed to relaunch a massive pile back into the air and onto the heads of celebrants.  Amazing food, performers, music and art.  Not to mention the typical chinatown fair. I watched performances by dragon dancers, contortionists, martial artists, traditional chinese music as well as contemporary chinese pop music.  It was a great way to bring in the year of the Boar!

Chinese New Year LA Chinese New Year LA - Confetti

Berries are back!

Farmers markets have berries and for a limited time, you can find Golden Raspberries!  These raspberries are sweeter and more delicious then your conventional raspberries (notable for their color.  More yellow/orange then red).  I love it when they are available and I stock up because they are usually gone by June.  I also picked up some mulberries because I had never had them before.  Despite an infamous monkey and weasel known for circling a mulberry bush, I found them quite ordinary.  A novelty for berry lovers like me, but nothing so special it must be tasted.

golden raspberries from the farmers marketmulberries from the farmers market