iOS 4 is here! and good news for unlockers!

i’ve been so busy that i’ve scarcely had time to mention that Apple released it’s new OS as well as the long awaited iphone 4 (just a few hours away).  got yours yet?   haven’t got hands on the new devise yet, but i finally installed 4 on my 3gs.  If you’ve been waiting to upgrade because you unlock, or if you lost your unlock because of “accidentally” upgrading then you are in luck.   Unless your a new bootlrom 3GS or you didn’t back up your blobs, you are most certainly stoked right now.  3G iphone and Touch 2g are upgradable, jailbreakable, and unlockable.  the new base band (and all previous) have been unlocked.  great work by @iphone_dev.  Touch 3g users and new bootrom 3gs users are doomed for the moment, so be careful about “accidentally” upgrading.  for now.  once the new device gets in the right hands, it’s only a matter of time.  and if you haven’t learned by now, BACK UP YOUR BLOBS!