Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix!

The MIM is an amazing place.  I just scratched the surface of its unbelievable exhibits. They have instruments and recordings from some of the most influential artists throughout history.  They even have a room where you can play some instruments yourself.  I saw an incredible collection of eclectic and innovative instruments from around the world. It includes a 2 ton dance organ called Apollonia from the 1920s that is played twice a day and John Lennon’s Piano used to compose Imagine.  Here are just a few of the images I collected.

be3n bangs a gongMIM blues harmonica collectionMIM 3D printed orchestra MIM accordionsMIM ukuleles

MIM electric luteMIM horn fiddle MIM F35 Fan Fret GuitarMIM Chaturangui slide guitarMIM harp guitar MIM lute caneMIM minimal electric guitar MIM piano accordionMIM Richenbacher vibrola MIM tripple neck guitar MIM u harp guitarMIM Lennon Imagine piano