Beautiful day for flying

Cesna 182

It started off a bit hazy.  The air was not ideal for photography, but I still managed to capture a few great shots.  It was actually my first visit to Catalina Island.  Luckily, it was the first day of the late hours, but unfortunately the restaurant did not get the memo.  We had time to hike about before taking off again.  We took a meandering route back to Hawthorne and did some sight seeing.  I even took the yoke.  Continue reading for some amazing pictures.

Takeoff from HawthorneDowntown Los Angeles In The Fog (from the air)be3n - Avalon Airport In The SkyFog Rolls Up On CatalinaLong Beach Harbor & Sea Launch (from the air)Sea Launch Zoom (from the air)Long Beach Harbor At Dusk (from the air)