Defcon 2016 photos and videos

Close ups of my much coveted badge.  Some hardware and base stations of the wifi village.  Both Information Society and Berlin played on Saturday night!  Shot a video of an amazing demo from the Car Hacking Village.  A car modified to play games instead of driving.  Also, the best of my flight home.  Some great pictures of Hoover dam and some of the solar farms and mesas as we few home.

defcon 2016 badge closedefcon 2016 badge chipdefcon 2016 wifi villagedefcon 2016 wifi village 2 

information society 8bit
defcon 2016 information societydefcon 2016 berlinflying over the colorodo riverflying over the hoover damflying over desertflying over desert 2flying over desert solar collectorflying over desert solar collector closeflying over fireflying over fire 2