Visit to Disneyland after a decade!

Disneyland Adventure - be3n

I was once an annual passholder to Disneyland. Before that, my family made regular visits.  From the stroller to my own legs, Disneyland is present in a large proportion of my memories and memorabilia.  It has changed and yet it has stayed the same.  Here are some of the things i noticed on my last visit.

Disneyland Adventure - Single RiderI started in California Adventure alone.  Out of habit, i started early, i was meeting friends later.  It turns out that being alone has its advantages.  The single rider program is an awesome way to zip through many of the lines.  In truth, Disneyland has made many innovations to waiting in line since the original FastPass.

California Adventure’s changes went mostly unnoticed by me.  I am less familiar with the park and as a much newer park there is less to remove. I did noticed the Pixar rebranding and enjoyed some of the additions to the coaster.  The new lighting elements were very impressive.  The World of Color show was something I’d never seen.  I remember watching the building of it, but my pass expired before the debut and life distracted me for a while.  That was going to change.

it was in California Adventure where i saw some of the famous Disneyland cats.  that was exciting. (helps to show up early). Disney was celebrating the Chinese year of the mouse.  Funny, I’ve always heard it referred to as the year of the rat, but that doesn’t match up with branding.

Disneyland Adventure - View From the TopDisneyland Adventure - Chinese New Year (year of the mouse)Disneyland Adventure - Disneyland CatsDisneyland Adventure - Monster Inc PayphoneDisneyland Adventure - be3n on Guardians of the Galaxy RideDisneyland Adventure - be3n on Incredicoaster

Disneyland Adventure - World of Color 2Disneyland Adventure - World of Color
On the guardians ride the announcer referred to us as Terrain, i liked that.  It is much preferred to Earthling.  I remember the Tower of Terror from it’s original incarnation, but i have to admit, the marvel rebranding is great!  I am looking forward to the opening of the Avengers attractions that are currently under construction.

The next day, we started out with our initial intentions to get a reservation to the newest attraction: Rise of the Resistance!  Apparently this was a popular idea.  hundreds of guests idling outside the entrance to Galaxies Edge staring at their phones waiting for the app to accept reservations and the land to open.

Disneyland Adventure - Rise of the Resistance Crowd

Reservation achieved (we had a very high number).  wondering if we would get to go on the new ride, we were determined to continue to explore the park.

I remember Tom Sawyer Island as a kid. It was where my parents could get a few moments breather while my sister and i would run around and explore. The island is now rebranded Pirates Island and has changed quite a bit in some places.  Several areas seemed unfinished and unopened upon my visit (like the fort), but many areas featured references to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.  I found this amazing video on youtube to reignite your memory of the earlier incarnation of the island. I am told that this was the largest and longest part of the park that was left unspoiled from changes from Walt’s original design.

YouTube player

After exploring the available areas of the Pirate Island, we finally made it over to Galaxies Edge for our Cantina appointment. This was kinda silly.  Wait in line and pay extravagantly for an incredibly limited menu.  I did see Rex (RX-24) in his new vocation as Cantina DJ.  Laying down the beats and keeping patrons moving in their seats.  He occasionally gets a bit glitchy and recalls some of his higher anxiety trips to Endor’s moon as well as other great bits from his previous life.

Disneyland Adventure - Boat to Pirate IslandDisneyland Adventure - Robot friendDisneyland Adventure - Rex's new vocationDisneyland Adventure - Overpriced Cantina Drink
I had one more appointment on Batuu at a little out of the way scrap metal merchant. I found it and made my way inside.  I found everything i needed and returned home with an awesome new keepsake.

Disneyland Adventure - lightsaber parts - peace and justiceDisneyland Adventure - Kyber Crystal
Disneyland Adventure - inside Savi's workshopDisneyland Adventure - Savi's workshop lightsabers!
Disneyland Adventure - be3n outside Savi's workshop
After Savi’s workshop, our Boarding group for Rise of the Resistance ride was called!  This ride was an experience!  it was incredible!  no spoilers, but here are a few pictures. . .

Disneyland Adventure - Rise of the Resistance rideDisneyland Adventure - Rise of the Resistance ride
I have to end this with something i was terribly sad to learn.  The Starcade is no more! Surprisingly the neon is still there and illuminated, but the arcade itself is gone. It was cleared to make room for a private event venue i guess.  I have experienced some of the most amazing cutting edge of arcade technology in that arcade over the years.  I will remember it fondly.

Disneyland Adventure - Starcade

So that was my most recent Disneyland adventure. I walked over 22 miles in 2 days and had a blast doing it!  Checked out Pirates Island and Galaxies Edge, even went for a ride on Rise of the Resistance! I finally saw World of Color! Thanks Tess for the invite, it was incredible!