Ducati Motorcycle for sale!

be3n sits on Ducati motorcycleI have acquired a 2001 Ducati Monster 900 Dark i.e. that was purchased for the movie Mission Impossible 2.  It has practically no miles (1886).  It was ignored in a garage for a decade so it required a fair amount of paperwork and some maintenance to get it working well and street legal.  there are a few minor cosmetic issues like a small dent in the gas tank and broken and taped on turn signals. (i believe the signals were removed for the film)

A few people have asked me to get them pictures and info so i figured this was the fastest way while i work on my actual sales page.  I tried to document all the flaws.

be3n ducati dashboard

be3n Ducati back-sidebe3n Ducati name be3n Ducati dent in gas tank be3n Ducati tankbe3n Ducati broken right signal be3n Ducati broken left signalbe3n Ducati broken signals be3n Ducati back-right-sidebe3n Ducati side be3n Ducati side be3n Ducati side