Remember when Migration Assistant worked with Disk Images?

Apple Disk Image IconI don’t exactly recall when Apple’s Migration Assistant started logging out the user (10.9ish), but since then it has been a little more irritating to migrate from a dmg or other image format (as opposed to a source hard drive or time machine backup).  Here is a simple Terminal command to mount the image as root and thus keep it mounted after logout.

sudo hdiutil attach diskimage.dmg

This process does require running a checksum, and for larger images that could take a while.  Once you run this command and it completes its verification of the disk image, simply run Migration Assistant and complete the migration.  After migration and a restart, the image is unmounted and you are ready to work on your newly migrated mac. (note: migration can also take quite a while depending on the amount of data)

Note:  to skip verification, use -noverify (only do this if time is critical.  You will want the cleanest possible start to your newly migrated computer).

Links to Download Xcode DMG for all version!

Ok, i was doing some work with Mac Ports on an old 10.7.5 machine (9 year old iMac still works great).  I realized that i needed an Xcode install for 10.7.5.  I spent hours trying to find links to old Xcode versions on Apple’s Developer site.  They are gone.  Broadening my search to google, I found this amazing trove of links.  I am posting them here for my own selfish reasons, but i linked to the original post. Why must Apple insist on deleting the past.   enjoy them while they still work.

(you will need to be registered as an apple developer for these links to work.  Anyone can do it and it is free.)


Xcode 11
11.4 Beta 3:
11.4 Beta 2:
11 Beta:

Xcode 10
Beta 2:

Xcode 9
9.4.1  9F2000:
beta GM 9A235:…/Xcode_9_GM_seed.xip

Xcode 8

Xcode 7

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