Boxee is here!

It finally arrived today and i quickly set it up. i left it scanning my massive media library, however i did note one glaring omission. presently netflix is excluded from boxee’s list of apps. will this be corrected or has M$’s DRM killed netflix for the Linux based Boxee? only time will tell. apart from that, it is totally awesome from remote control to interface and even startup effects. i cannot wait to see what 3rd party developers do with it.

Feeling Blu.

Blu-ray LogoJust a few days after acquiring my new Blu-ray burner, i’m already transcoding my first HD movie. After an hour to rip, i must wait nearly 3 hours to transcode. i don’t know why i expected it to be more difficult then it was.   Perhaps i should wait to see the output before making such a boast.  Before you cry DMCA, remember that fair use allows me to make any additional copies of media that are required to play it. How else am i supposed to play Prestige on my iPad in HD?  don’t answer that.  We’ll let the lawyers fight it out.