Finally retiring my last legacy windows box!

Final transfer from an ancient windows

This particular ancient server has stood as the glue holding several ancient record keeping systems together.  Today marks the last day that it was operating.  I supported this computer for almost it’s entire lifespan.  This Dell ran consistently for over 10 years with very little trouble.  Now your watch is over.

I have been retiring or upgrading unsupported systems all year. it’s to know that all the critical systems are up to date.  Let this be yet another warning if you are running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 2008 Server (or anything earlier), you should upgrade immediately if you are online in any capacity.  Same goes for macs older then 10.13 (High Sierra). Seriously, don’t let it become a problem.

Amazing timing. I just got that. . .

iphone custom payload

For the past few days, I have been gathering the pieces for a project I finally started tonight.  The strange part is that until tonight, I didn’t know that I’d be on this project.  It involves an old iOS device, custom payloads, older Mac OS and especially old Xcode.  It is as if it touched on everything i had been blogging about this week.  Nothing new.  Just stuff I was letting myself forget.  None of it works with any of the newer devices (explains all the old code).  It also involved finding my old methods or rediscovering them.  When I’m done, I will pack it up nicely, document it thoroughly and hopefully never have to redo this part of the work again.  Thanks for the much needed distraction, now back to work.  (the gif above is from a very early payload from 2010 with much help from eric)