Making Friends

We were wondering around the hills of Nogales when we found some locals barbecuing in their front yard.  The Gonzales’ were kind enough to offer us some of what they were cooking.  Not to mention a few beers.  We became fast friends.  I was able to communicate with the children through a combination of my spanish, their english and of course, pantomime.  Eric talked politics while I entertained with a few card tricks.  I even taught some tricks to the kids, they are all very bright and figured out one or two on their own.

Mexican Hot Dog

Still in Nogales, we were hungry late at night.  So we stopped at a hot dog stand.  Similar to most American hot dog stands, only better.  For starters they have dogs wrapped in bacon and grilled onions.  They also have a wide assortment of garnish.  From guacamole to mushrooms.  Cotilla cheese to salsa.  It ruled.  Give it a go next time you are in town.  American hot dog stands, take note.


A Night on the Town

Guacamole plus margaritas and some other frosty treats equals a great evening.  We even caught a film.  The spanish subtitles help me learn.  We found ourselves a hotel for the evening and an ATM (mexican ATMs make me feel rich).  Some of the streets here are god awful.  One mexican driver accidentally drove into some kind of drainage cliff in the middle of the street.  (photo of hole)  He looked over at us for help.  Help to lift his car out of the ditch.  I was wondering how many people it would take to actually lift the front of this car out of the ditch.  Three.  Lets hope we earned some karma points for the mechanic tomorrow.