I Visited Niland, The Salton Sea, and Slab City.

Niland CA - Beach Sunset

I traveled to The Salton Sea to meet some of the alternative communities and see the incredible artwork coming from the area.  Also it’s a great place to get in some drone flights.

Niland CA - flooded streets Niland CA - Art Niland CA - Beach Niland CA - Beach Art Niland CA - Beach Art Niland CA - Beach Art Niland CA - Beach Art - Phone Booth of Love Niland CA - Beach Art - Bus Stop Niland CA - ArtworkNiland CA - Artwork and be3n credit: https://instagram.com/Christi.lugtu
Outside of the town of Niland sits the remains of a Camp Dunlap (commissioned in 1942).  All that remain are the concrete slabs that give Slab City its name.  Since the 1980s people have been camping there for free.  Now a few permanent encampments and even a few event venues exist.  There is no water or electricity or any other government services.  There is an eBike rental place, an internet cafe, a Hostel, a Library, and the East Jesus art exhibition.

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Art Show 2011 presented by Mr Brainwash in LA!

I visited the show just before closing yesterday.  It was overflowing with street art.  Literally.  it seemed as though paint and scrawled graffiti radiated from the warehouse.  The installation itself was huge.  More then four floors of the warehouse were open to the public.  Full of sculptures, automobiles, and appliances made art.  This was a concentrated example of the phenomena that is street art.  At times the senses are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of detail.  Admission was free, as were the posters.  Mr brainwash and many of the featured artists were there signing posters.  here are a few of my favorites from the show. . .

Panorama of Art Show 2011