The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – an amazing adventure!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is an incredible place.  We saw, touched, learned about and enjoyed countless animals from all over the globe.  Incredible views, amazing animals.  I got a video of a Grizzly Bear trying to catch a fish underwater!  Check out my pictures and videos.  This is certainly one of the top zoos I have ever visited.  (I would recommend taking the zoo shuttle for $2- My legs are still sore from all the walking up hill).  We also found a few extra animals like a Fearow.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SignCheyenne Mountain Zoo: GiraffeCheyenne Mountain Zoo: Elephant with Snack

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Apple admits they make computers!

Apple, announced great new features for OS X! Like facetime and app store (maybe we’ll even get some real package management). Showed off iLife 11 and Mac OS 10.7 Tiger! Many features and software available Today! Tiger is slated for summer of 2011, but facetime beta and iLife 11 are available already. Lastly, new macbook air. Thinner and more solid then every! Also, amazing battery life. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it.