We arrived in Culican this evening.  An interesting little town with some very confusing streets.  They have a roundabout (i love those).  The only problem is that the signs are quite confusing.  The hotel had the most amazing internet.  I was able to fix my blog and video chat with the parents.  God i love technology.  We snuck out just a few moments ago to grab some grub.  Most everything was closed so we ended up grabbing some dogs from a street vendor.  On the way we found the most amazing cathedral.  Amazing in the night with the neon cross and all.

Sea of Cortez

Beaches of Topolobampo

We drove down the coast to Los Mochis.  Stopping for some sites before we drove on to Topolobampo.  Amazingly beautiful beaches (though eric says the southern beaches are where it’s really at).  You could tell this was a tourist destination, but it was almost completely deserted on a Wednesday afternoon.  The sand was amazingly fine and the surf was warm.  They call this the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and the Gulf of California in USA.  We found a restaurant to grab some seafood and a sangria before playing in the water for a bit.  Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to play, we are still making up the time we lost in Nogales.  We want to make it to Mexico City by Friday


We originally passed right through Guaymas.  Supposedly one of the principle seaports in Mexico.  We drove through town trying to find the lovely shorelines and resorts we had read about.  We had to turn completely around and drive back in to find it.  Eventually we found a shoreline and some very vulgar local punks.  They started as a great way for me to practice my spanish.  Eventually it digressed to sexual innuendo and panhandling.  On the whole, not the experience i hoped for.  I don’t recommend.


We arrived in Hermosillo in the afternoon.  According to the guides this town was famous for it’s cathedral.  That was certainly on our itinerary, but first, food.  We found an amazing fruit and sandwich place.  A delicious chicken baguette with fruit and even a coffee for kira.  Not cheep by mexican standards, but awesome in every other respect.  The cathedral was lovely.  It had some very graphic depictions of Jesus and some beautiful chandeliers.

We also discovered a museum about the local native people.  Though we only barely made it before they closed, they were very nice and gave us a private tour.  They even gave us a taste of native mesquite medicine made from the sap.  There was even a school there on a field trip.  Some huts and some amazing murals.  Enjoy the pictures, there are more in my photo archive page.

Making Friends

We were wondering around the hills of Nogales when we found some locals barbecuing in their front yard.  The Gonzales’ were kind enough to offer us some of what they were cooking.  Not to mention a few beers.  We became fast friends.  I was able to communicate with the children through a combination of my spanish, their english and of course, pantomime.  Eric talked politics while I entertained with a few card tricks.  I even taught some tricks to the kids, they are all very bright and figured out one or two on their own.

Mexican Hot Dog

Still in Nogales, we were hungry late at night.  So we stopped at a hot dog stand.  Similar to most American hot dog stands, only better.  For starters they have dogs wrapped in bacon and grilled onions.  They also have a wide assortment of garnish.  From guacamole to mushrooms.  Cotilla cheese to salsa.  It ruled.  Give it a go next time you are in town.  American hot dog stands, take note.