Siri is down again!

how my supposed to blog while driving if Siri isn’t reliable. honestly, the most frustrating part is that the purple bullets that represent the processing of a voice command request just disappear and there’s nothing! no sorry I couldn’t make that work for you, no sorry I’m having trouble connecting to the network right now. nothing. I feel that Siri was far too popular and utilized for the piddly servers that Apple has devoted to the project. in my opinion Apple needs to do two things to resolve this problem. First, they need you reintroduce the voice commands that were available without the network like they have in the iPhone 4 and 3GS. Second, they need to provide more capacity to the Siri network. this way if they got the Siri equivalent of the fail whale, they’d at least be able to handle some of the audio processing that previous phones have been capable of.