Introducing DEFCam or how i made a hat for DEFCON!

DEFCam hat

This is a silly project that i have spent probably too much time on.  First I thought, why not time-lapse my upcoming defcon trip.  Then i thought, why not live stream it.  So… I started with a Pi Zero and a Pi Camera v1.  Wired some pins to the GPIO for power.  Made a custom wire and hot glued it into the hat.  Done!

DEFCam - pi zero cam case

DEFCam - prototypeDEFCam - original wiringDEFCam - can see itself
At this point, i was tuning the software to keep this thing online and streaming.  After substantial testing, I bought some more hardware. Adding a Pi Camera module V2 as well as a battery and charging hardware.  Here you can see the modifications made to the custom wiring within the hat.

DEFCam - ready for upgradeDEFCam - Upgraded WiringDEFCam - Charging
Now my hat can charge with a mini-USB port in the back of the hat.  Even looks cool with the glow.  The 1300 mah battery keeps the zero streaming for almost four hours.  Obviously not all day, but my goal was to keep it streaming while i changed it’s power supply. Surprisingly no solder burns, but I cannot say the same for hot glue.  ouch!  I’ll put up the link in time for DEFCON.

DEFCam - hot glue burn