Introducing DEFCam or how i made a hat for DEFCON!

DEFCam hat

This is a silly project that i have spent probably too much time on.  First I thought, why not time-lapse my upcoming defcon trip.  Then i thought, why not live stream it.  So… I started with a Pi Zero and a Pi Camera v1.  Wired some pins to the GPIO for power.  Made a custom wire and hot glued it into the hat.  Done!

DEFCam - pi zero cam case

DEFCam - prototypeDEFCam - original wiringDEFCam - can see itself
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Back in Motion!

With a simple request for some titles, i’ve finally delved into apple’s latest motion 4.  Amazingly easy and powerful, i had great usable elements even faster then last time.  i can’t wait to start playing with some fancier options like motion tracking.  for now i’m just toying with ideas for final cut elements i can recycle into silly animations.  maybe i’ll make something worth posting.