More then printing out, I’m printing up! Experiments with my first 3D printer!

3D Printing: My Third PrintWhen a colleague offered me a great price to buy his barely used Monoprice Maker Select V2 , I was instantly transported into the future. No more waiting for amazon deliveries, now i can download things straight into reality from the inerwebz!  Well, that’s almost what happened.

The learning curve was not as steep as i expected. my 3rd print was actually perfect; or would have been if i hadn’t run out of filament.  Funny story… i inherited with the printer a 1Kg spool of PLA. Unfortunately, the Monoprice Maker Select’s included spool holder doesn’t support large spools like this one.  So I had to maintain the slack on the spool or break off pieces for prints.  That is no way to live. The very next pint was of course was Maker Select V2 Spool Holder Mod by toastedsilicon

3D Printing: Monoprice Maker Select V2 Spool Mod

It worked perfectly.  Achievement unlocked: 3D Printer modded with 3D printed parts. Now back to printing useless things, useful things and testing the limits.

Different things offer different challenges. Ledges or shelves offer particular challenges in all prints. Tall builds have their own set of problems. I struggled particularly with printing multiple objects at once as well as shelves and arches. I wanted a challenge, a large and long print. I found a lovely phone stand for my sister and decided to go for it.

3D Printing: Tentacle Stand Starting
3D Printing: Tentacle Stand In Action

Lots of these . . .

3D Printing: Simple Circle Test

(you would actually be surprised by the order these were printed)
And More…

3D Printing: Spock3D Printing: Pi Zero Case
Printer is almost always printing (i still have a backlog of things that i want).  I moved the bird cam over here so i can keep an eye on the output.