Back to reality after another amazing DEFCON!

I met a pile of incredible people.  Bought some amazing toys (for science), some i’ve even got working.  Saw some talks and demos.  Talked to some of my heroes and listened to even more.  I saw Ladar Levison talk about epoxying your ports and adding thermite to your hard drives.  I played with the ECU of a fake car!  now i just have finish building the DarkNet Badge!  enjoy my pictures. The hat data is still being analyzed.  I’ll try to build something out of it eventually.

DEFCON26 - Badge Acquired DEFCON26 - Car Hacking Village Badge DEFCON26 - Blockchain Badge DEFCON26 - Show us what you got?! Battlefield Las Vegas - Mac-10 Battlefield Las Vegas - Tank Collection Battlefield Las Vegas - Tank crushing car Battlefield Las Vegas - Tank crushing car close

defcon melted espresso
DEFCON26 - Badge tinkering DEFCON26 - Car Hacking with a fake car! DEFCON26 - DEFCam Hat DEFCON26 - Electrified hat club DEFCON26 - Wearable & Luggable computing DEFCON26 - This box jammed 50% of the 2.4 band DEFCON26 - Ammunition in the culture war DEFCON26 - hacking in the hotelDEFCON26 - Vic-20 from Museum of Vintage Technology DEFCON26 - Apple IIgs from Museum of Vintage Technology DEFCON26 - Patrick Wardle of Objective See discussing Mac firewalls DEFCON26 - Ladar Levison of Lavabit talking about boobytrapping servers DEFCON26 - IoT Village Mansion Party Atomic Testing Museum - Friendly Robot Atomic Testing Museum - Nuclear Swag Atomic Testing Museum - Geiger Counters Atomic Testing Museum - B-53 Thermonuclear Weapon Atomic Testing Museum - Atomic Las Vegas