iPhone iPod and iPad update coming.

perhaps sooner then we thought.  Gizmodo got a invite to a iPhone 4.0 sneak peak on April 8th.  i’d recommend that everyone back up their shsh blobs!  iPad and other users don’t even have to jailbreak.  Umbrella lets you do it without modifying your devise.

iPad users will only have to wait a little longer.  @Musclenerd@comex, and others have demonstrated root code execution on the iPad, so a jailbreak could be released any day.  Fortunately we won’t have to wait much longer, as a release is expected shortly following the anticipated 4.0 release.

My grandpa joins the ipod family!

Granpa shows off ipod to Grandma. He loves having pictures of the family and all his favorite ol’ tunes at his fingers.  He is still getting used to the touch interface.  Eventuall we’ll get him set up on the calendar.  Calendar is one of the features he was excited about.  i’m more excited to get my sister’s iCal wirelessly synced to his.  I’m heading back tomorrow to give them some speakers.

iPad is out!

Though I have to admit I am a tad underwhelmed. Sad that they choose to stick with at$t, but I will admit that the $500 price tag is appealing. Right now this devise seems to be set to replace my iPod not my laptop. I think I will wait for the new MacBook pros. I will continue to watch the iPad with interest. I’m sure things will change seriously with new software! I wonder when it will run more then one app at a time. Either by apple’s doing or others.