Apple announces small changes that signify an exciting direction!

Apple Announcement 2015Apple’s big announcement today turned out to be more small enhancements that add up to exciting developments.  First off the rundown, iPhone 6s/6s Plus hits stores the 25th.  Faster, better camera, haptic feedback, force touch, and rose gold.  New iPad Pro with 2732?by?2048 12.9″ screen, a keyboard case, and a stylus!  Hits stores November. (also a new iPad Mini)  The Apple TV, got a complete rebuild with amazing looking features, but no delivery date.  Also some new Watch styles and bands or whatever.

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iPad is out!

Though I have to admit I am a tad underwhelmed. Sad that they choose to stick with at$t, but I will admit that the $500 price tag is appealing. Right now this devise seems to be set to replace my iPod not my laptop. I think I will wait for the new MacBook pros. I will continue to watch the iPad with interest. I’m sure things will change seriously with new software! I wonder when it will run more then one app at a time. Either by apple’s doing or others.