I got a new solid ink printer!

Xerox Color Cube 8580 I have been following the Solid Ink system for a while now.  Since Xerox started shipping printers in 2002 (the tech goes way back to the 80s).  It seemed like the best of both the Ink and Laser world.  The quality of ink crossed with the maintenance schedule and availability of Laser.  My interest in this has intensified as my Ricoh laser printer entered it’s twilight years.  I’ve been shopping around for a while now and when I found a great printer at a great price, I ordered it.  I selected the ColorQube 8580.

My Ricoh was a pretty good printer.  It has over 12,000 prints on it and it came up on needing another set of color toner ($250 for that machine).  Ironically, it was in exactly this condition when I had originally acquired this printer over 5 years ago.  At the time, I was flipping ink printers every year.

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