Solar eclipse seen from LA!

Partial Solar Eclipse From the northern part of Los Angeles, i spied the eclipse through a pair of plastic and cardboard eclipse viewing glasses.  The viewing spectacles were provided by the Griffith Park Observatory.  It was a spectacular sight, despite only being a partial eclipse and only the beginning.  I was amazed when i pointed the lens of my small digital camera though the disposable glasses and was able to take a pretty decent picture.  enjoy.  depending on where you live, you may still catch it in your area.  Look up in the sky, but protect your eyes.

The LHC says goodbye to AMS. Off to space!

from @CERN today departed the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS). After successful tests in the LHC this international superdetector will boldly go beyond the earthly bonds.  It’s journey will take it first to Norway for testing and then to space by way of the Kennedy Space Center.  (The LHC is presently undergoing a retool for higher power collisions and experiments to come.)

read the press release here:

Space Contractors Not War (Defense) Contractors

i like that NASA is going to contract out manned space travel to private contractors. Applied Composites, I’m looking in your direction. I’ll admit that NASA can land a probe anywhere they want, but the shuttle was a bad idea even 20 years ago. Who thought it was a good idea to haul a huge gas tank *almost* into space, just to send it hurtling back to earth. It’s not like we can use that for a space station or moon base.