Throwback Thursday – be3n’s boyhood home!

be3n boyhood room 4upI found more pictures of my old bedroom recently.  Below, I cleared out my bed to install a pull out sofa (seen in next frame).  It turned my high school room into quite the hangout.  Also on display were some art and other decorations from that era.  If you look closely, you can find Pez, impressionists paintings, comics, Magic packs, and a Sun optical mouse/mousepad.  I wonder what others will find.  My room’s walls were quite the collage.  I’ve added more pictures including this 4up from my Nickelodeon Photo Blaster.  Can you find Audio/Video tapes next to the original Nintendo?  enjoy.

be3n boyhood roombe3n boyhood bedroom packing for Defcon
In that last picture, my room is trashed while i pack for the Defcon Hacker conference in Las Vegas.


Solar eclipse seen from LA!

Partial Solar Eclipse From the northern part of Los Angeles, i spied the eclipse through a pair of plastic and cardboard eclipse viewing glasses.  The viewing spectacles were provided by the Griffith Park Observatory.  It was a spectacular sight, despite only being a partial eclipse and only the beginning.  I was amazed when i pointed the lens of my small digital camera though the disposable glasses and was able to take a pretty decent picture.  enjoy.  depending on where you live, you may still catch it in your area.  Look up in the sky, but protect your eyes.