Making stuff! in order to break stuff.

Unlock PDF Files

I slapped together a possibly useful php wrapper for highly useful open source tools.  Now you can strip the passwords from your pdfs with only a web browser.  Don’t thank me, thank the guys over at mupdf for pdfclean or maybe my sister for needing my help with pdfs.  check it out:

FYI, it only helps with DRM, not encryption.  enjoy.

iPhone is about to SHAtter!

Ever since @pod2g discovered a new bootrom exploit we’ve all been patiently waiting for an update to our favorite tools.   Well, @MuscleNerd announced today that a beta of PwnageTool has already been developed to utilize the exploit.   @chronicdevteam has tools in the works as well.  Though i anxiously await the release of @greenpois0n, it is PwnageTool that will allow me to update my iPhone4 without endangering my baseband and killing my unlock.

What does this mean to you?  well, i’ll tell you since you asked.  It means that EVERY iOS devise ALL A4 devices (iPhone 4, Tough 4g, iPad, Apple TV 2) will be jailbreakable regardless of iOS version.  This is good news for anyone who “accidentally” updated or who purchased their device after apple fixed the exploit.  Now although this exploit cannot be fixed with an iOS update, it is still very important to back up your shsh blobs to ensure that you can utilize the tools that all these guys have worked so hard on.  Don’t get too excited.  No new baseband exploit has yet been announced, so all you unlockers running 4.0.2 or greater are still doomed.  lets hope they’re sitting on one for 4.2 or it’s going to be a cold and lonely winter.

iPhone 3gs and Touch 3g users should have their shsh blobs backed up by now! Even if you are not jailbroken!

the easiest way is with umbrella.  the hardest part is to put your phone in restore mode and plug it into a computer to get it’s unique id.  after that, you reboot your phone normally and put it away. it is never modified.  Umbrella is run on a computer and it requires that unique id.  the data is actually retrieved directly from apple’s servers and may differ in version from the software on your devise.  you can even cache your blobs on saurik’s server right form umbrella without ever violating your apple warrantee or modifying your devise in any way.

overview of the process and reasons:

official umbrella site:

iPhone OS 3.1.3 Released!

Jailbrakers and unlockers DO NOT RUN! Apple released iTunes and iPhone update today. iTunes is safe, but @westbaer points out that iPhone 3.1.3 closes the usb_control_msg exploit, used by blackra1n. It also looks like it’s just bug fixes and perhaps prep for the new ipad. Nothing I can’t wait for. I hope any 3gs or touch 3g owners have their shsh blobs saved through cydia or umbrella.

UPDATE: for original (2g) iPhone users can use the latest Redsn0w to update your phone to 3.1.3. you must feed it the 3.1.2 ipsw.

UPDATE 2: new pwnage tool or sn0wbreeze to break 3.1.3 on all but the newest devices (new bootrom 3gs and touch 3g), but it’s a pain and not worth it with 3.2 just weeks away.