iPhone takes another dump!

This morning I woke to see that I hadn’t plugged in my phone overnight. I plugged it in and continued to prepare my breakfast.  I returned to find the boot screen staring ominously at me.  It never booted. So much for my jailbreak.  I tried a few things (force restart, safe mode, no luck).  Oddly enough, my watch was still receiving txt messages- no other iMessage client was working at that time).  Now i am restoring to last year.  (lol – it’s only 2 weeks old)

iphone 6s plus wipeiphone 6s plus restore

AirFlick- awesome new way to send media to your apple TV!

AirFlick is a new piece of software that easily lets you send videos and pictures to your apple tv from a computer without hassling with itunes. it is simple, fast, and best of all free!  It’s created by teacher, writer, coder, hacker, and all around great gal, Erica Sadun.

Oficial Site for Erica’s AirPlay related software

silence was golden.

After my great ol’ Carver died yesterday, my system was mute for more then a day.  Until i brought home a sweet new harman/kardon system.  Now i’m finally using the optical out i’ve had for years!  There is an adjustment to running optical vs analog.  First off, there is no pre-amp coming out of your computer.  This means no system volume.  all those media keys stop working.  Stopped until i repurposed them to control iTunes.  Best side effect is that all the media key conflicts (i.e. VLC) are gone forever now!

Media Key Hack
just check “Use all F1, F2, etc, keys as standard function keys” from the Keyboard System Preference pane and then setup  Sizzling Keys to control itunes:  http://www.yellowmug.com/sk4it/

iPhone OS 3.1.3 Released!

Jailbrakers and unlockers DO NOT RUN! Apple released iTunes and iPhone update today. iTunes is safe, but @westbaer points out that iPhone 3.1.3 closes the usb_control_msg exploit, used by blackra1n. It also looks like it’s just bug fixes and perhaps prep for the new ipad. Nothing I can’t wait for. I hope any 3gs or touch 3g owners have their shsh blobs saved through cydia or umbrella.

UPDATE: for original (2g) iPhone users can use the latest Redsn0w to update your phone to 3.1.3. you must feed it the 3.1.2 ipsw.

UPDATE 2: new pwnage tool or sn0wbreeze to break 3.1.3 on all but the newest devices (new bootrom 3gs and touch 3g), but it’s a pain and not worth it with 3.2 just weeks away.