Updates keep the SSL boogiemen at bay.

all the ssl blacklists are updates. we can return to thinking we are safe. Apple included the patches in a Security Update, Firefox updated to 6.0.2. Jailbroken iOS users can update or install “sslfix” in Cydia to get the protections that apple has yet to release.

After watching Moxie’s BlackHat talk, we seriously need to fix SSL. It is holding up too many technologies to be this insecure.

Zen cart no more!

After hours of trying to make my zen cart work again with google checkout.  I finally threw it away for a simple wordpress plugin.  Now i take credit cards again!  Super easy solution for anyone thinking of building a simple web store.

plugin site:  http://www.jasoncapshaw.com/blog/simple-google-checkout-cart-wordpress-plugin/
(although, somehow his blog has shifted from the geeky)