Updates keep the SSL boogiemen at bay.

all the ssl blacklists are updates. we can return to thinking we are safe. Apple included the patches in a Security Update, Firefox updated to 6.0.2. Jailbroken iOS users can update or install “sslfix” in Cydia to get the protections that apple has yet to release.

After watching Moxie’s BlackHat talk, we seriously need to fix SSL. It is holding up too many technologies to be this insecure.

coding til 5am. Again.

php is amazingly easy to get things done in.  i’ve started so many projects i’ve had to make a toybox to put them in.  i think i’ll try my hand at a wordpress plugin.  that should be fun.  but i have one  unbelievably useful tool that i think i might be able to bang out first.  useful to me anyhow.  i’ll talk more about it when it’s actually useful.

@joedolson maker of WP-Twitter WordPress plugin

after working with and loving WP to Twitter for weeks, it abruptly stopped working for an entire day.

Post generated server error, but posted to wordpress not twitter.

Update: now it appears to be resolved. i am now guessing some resource on my shared host was busy. (Dreamhost i’m looking at you) if it returns i’ll get another change to figure it out. thanks again for your help joe.

Google, what are you searching for?

After watching their superbowl ad, i started searching for something i was very interested in.  Me.  I’ve had an internet presence since before altavista.digital.com.  I’m not hard to find, so i don’t imagine many people googling for me, but i was curious to what i would find.

Google Search for be3n

it made me wonder, what does google really know?  They’ve been indexing the internet all day every day for who know’s how long. . . just this week, you’ve visited my website 2400 times (that’s right, more robots then people read this).  When i googled myself, i found my twitter profile on top (not entirely surprised), followed by my be3n.com site “under construction” for years.  standard.  after that, what did i find?  Number three on google?  Any of my countless profiles on countless websites?  Any of my blog posts from here?  nah?  that’s too easy.  google hands you a 3 year old comment i left on a photograph from panoramio.

That comment is listed before any of my more active profiles.  It eventually lists my wikipedia user page and my last.fm profile, but that’s later.  somethingdotsomething.com barely makes the 2nd page.  Only after posts of leetspeak, Even though it is the most frequently updated site i’m involved with.  does google prefer consistency to freshness?  let me know what you think.