TableTop Day 2014 at Emerald Knights!

Talisman Victory at Tabletop 2014 at Emerald KnightsThe final conclusion of  an awesome game of Talisman with all my add ons including the newly acquired Dungeons expansion.  Introduced the game to a few new players. A fair amount of death and destruction.  Lots of veterans died as well.  It’s ok, you just grab a new character and start again.  We even had a few new players join in the last hour of the game.

I won, but just barely. It was really down to the wire. We played with alternate endings and I drew Judgement Day. Exciting end to an amazing game. After my cleric died in the city jail, I took up the Minstrel.  These delightful character gave me the luck i needed to take it all the way to the crown of command. Talisman Board Tabletop Day 2014

My cleric couldn’t hack it in the dungeon, but my Minstrel made it through twice!  I ended up getting dealt an infinite turn combo. I didn’t use it of course, but i love figuring this stuff out.




Talisman Board 2 Tabletop Day 2014

Talisman Combo Tabletop Day 2014