Oh Cydia- how i missed you!

Tiag 8.3 jailbreak Cydia iconsToday TiaG released a new jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3-8.3!  Finally I am jailbroken again!  As usual, lots of apps will need to be updated to work and Mobile Substrate isn’t compatible yet.  Please be patient as Saurik and others get things updated.  That is not to say that there isn’t piles of useful stuff already in Cydia.  It will probably be a few days (or maybe weeks) before we see activator and similar tweaks or themes up on 8.3.  Presently, TiaG jailbreak is only windows, but it works fine with virtualization.  Also, 8.4 should be coming soon.  I know Pangu allegedly already has a working jailbreak that they are waiting to release.  If that is true and nothing TiaG releases gets in the way, it should be great.  However, it is probably a good idea to upgrade to 8.3 before the signing window closes.  Apple usually leaves the old iOS open for a few hours or days after a new version is released.

tiag 8.3 jailbreak start

tiag 8.3 jailbreak continue

tiag 8.3 jailbreak complete

Finally, this jailbreak, like most of the Chinese jailbreaks comes with a piracy App Store by the name of 3k.  I installed it for testing purposes, but I would advise against it.  Installing software on your mobile device from untrusted sources is dangerous.  Even the TiaG jailbreak has yet to be vetted.

tiag 8.3 jailbreak 3k app store

tiag 8.3 jailbreak 3k app store


UPDATE! 6-24-15  First off, any Apple Watch users having issues with hanging or crashing apps like Settings or Camera as well as any issues with the watch getting data from the phone?  I have your solution.  Just unpair/repair from your phone using the Apple Watch app.  This took some doing for me because the Apple Watch app was one of the apps hanging at startup.  After some force quiting and a reboot, I got in and was able to unpair my watch.  So thanks Reddit user Andydigital for sharing that trick.

also, @i0n1c says that that MobileSubstrate requires an additional kernel patch to work.  Apparently he already has it working on his devices, but there is still no word a statement from TiaG about an update.  Expect one today, Beijing time.

Update 6-25-15  Lots of different leaked versions of the TiaG jailbreak.  Mostly with issues of their own.  No official update yet. Please be patient and wait for announcement form TiaG.  I am sure lots of people (myself included) will be talking about it.  (it’s here)