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Neil Gaiman introducing good omens at screening

The first episode was a great start to what i know will be an entertaining and darkly hilarious madcap adventure.  Waiting for the remaining episodes will be the difficult part.  Neil Gaiman delivered a brief and amusing introduction. Tasty nibbles were provided. Though this work is originally from nearly 30 years ago, i only read it a few months ago.  Perfect timing (i did not know the show was coming).

Good Omens Poster Projection

Electronic fruits of my actual labor!

Stan Lee’s Love Story Book Cover
The eBook version of a project I have been helping with is now available for purchase. Stan Lee’s Love Story: as told by daughter JC Lee!  This is an incredible insight into the life and love of Stan and Joan Lee. A collection of photographs and memories compiled by their only daughter JC.  It is already available on Amazon (iBook coming soon).  Amazon just pulls its samples from the beginning of the book, so I decided to include a few pages to give you a better idea of what you can expect.  So hard to choose.  So many candid photos invites the fans to share this intimate view into their private family live.



Stan Lee Classic Car from Stan Lee’s Love Story Photo BookStan Lee early Marvel from Stan Lee’s Love Story Photo Book

Something is getting better!

https lock iconMy blog is now distributed with Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN using powerful encryption and signed by a proper CA certificate.  See the shiny green lock?  Like a grown-up adult website.  After only 8.5 years.  Congratulations!  Thank you StartSSL!

Update:  you may have noticed that the transition has been a bit bumpy.  Still getting the hang of things and this website needs a lot of work (possibly a complete resurfacing).  I am sorry about the downtime and all the SSL errors, I am working on it.  Thanks Eric, I hope I didn’t step on your birthday plans kidnapping your brain. 

Enemies of freedom don’t get my business!

When amazon dropped wikileaks from it’s servers under government pressure without any actual criminal or copyright wrongdoing they showed where they stood in regards to the first amendment.  Anyone who disregards their principals at the approach of a powerful adversary is spineless.  Without proof, or at least due process, we are innocent in this country.    At least that is how it is supposed to be.  I encourage all holiday shoppers to avoid  These are scary times and we don’t need our interent providers abusing their authority and helping censor our internet.  Now joins the ranks of the enemies of freedom.  I did business with them for years, but no longer.  If you stand against freedom, i will vote in the most powerful way i have:  with my wallet.

When COICA came up it looked dangerous, however it turns out that it’s power was already granted inside the DMCA.  The government can already seize any website that they even suspect of copyright infringement.   however, the US government does not copyright its documents, and thus wikileaks was a terrible target.  These laws should not apply at all.  Using these methods to silence dissenters is NEVER effective.  especially in this: the information age.