Lamenting the lost ride. . .

Hyundai Crash Airbag DeployedYesterday I was in a collision that destroyed my Hyundai Elantra of nearly a decade!  It was a car i never planned on owning, but without which i cannot have imagined my life these past years.  It is important to say at this time that i escaped relatively uninjured.  I put a great deal of effort into this car.  Shortly after i purchased it, i installed my first carputer.  With the incredible help of BJ and his father Bill and a headless G4 laptop.  I wanted to finally post these pictures now that it is all over and done.  From prototype and preparation to wiring and construction.  It was amazing and it was done years before the iPhone.  Bill even welded me a custom bracket to make it all fit together securely.

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Car Trouble

Smoke is bad right?
OK, so the supra isn’t perfect.  It was doing fine until some hose broke or cracked, or something and the car started to overheat in the worst traffic imaginable just inside Nogales.  We tried to make it to a mechanic, but the car stopped just 50 feet from one.  They were kind enough to help us push it the rest of the way.  I guess we’ll camp here for the night.

Post Script. . .
Looks like it’s just a seal, if we can locate one today, we can hit the road today, otherwise we are stuck here until monday or tuesday.  No one works Sunday.

Post Post Script. . .
No one has parts for an 88 Supra.  So we hacked something together and it is being assembled today (Monday).  Wish us luck.