Star Wars and code!

Vader MatrixWith my work queue nearly completed, i have decided this morning to sit down and start a few small projects of my own.  I’ve got three screens up; client side, server side and Star Wars.  I am ready to get it done. Starting with the original version of the the original  A New Hope.  This will keep the creativity flowing while not distracting too much from the task at hand.  I’ll be posting on the other side assuming i produce something worth sharing. I hope you are making the best of your Friday. #starwarsandcode

Got some great stuff done, but nothing ready to show off yet.

coding til 5am. Again.

php is amazingly easy to get things done in.  i’ve started so many projects i’ve had to make a toybox to put them in.  i think i’ll try my hand at a wordpress plugin.  that should be fun.  but i have one  unbelievably useful tool that i think i might be able to bang out first.  useful to me anyhow.  i’ll talk more about it when it’s actually useful.