2011 is the year for ps3 homebrew!

Nothing more for sony to do but cry.  After team fail0verflow’s diligent efforts and geohot’s typical rush to publish something he’d probably been sitting on for months.  27c3 brought news of sony’s epic fail and people almost forgot what geohot had done months earlier.  This will be an exciting year.  i wonder what sony’s next move will be?  i’ll keep you updated.

Sony PS3 hacked!

Over 3 years after it’s release. nice work george.  (@geohot)

In his post Hello hypervisor, I’m geohot George explains that he can run code and has the dumps necessary to crack the encryption needed to make applications.  it’s the start of a VERY long road, but i am very excited to know it’s beginning.  i was just tinkering with my ps3 last night as well.  i look forward to the coming ps3 homebrew scene.