Geohot threw in the towel and rooted my Note!

20140620-171212-61932426.jpg Towelroot is a fast and easy tool to root your Android device. The first version didn’t work for very many devices, but now it seems he’s refined the process. More devices supported and no more reboot required. It is certainly nice to gain the extra privileges finally as I was just beginning to need it. My android experiments have until now been within the bounds of google’s sandbox. Very soon I will be using android as my primary mobile device so this was magnificent timing. Thanks George. I cannot wait to see what you break/fix next.

On a side note, this is one of my favorite features of Android’s security model. Let the user decide. See the screen shot bellow. Could you imagine something similar on iOS?
Android Warning you would never see on iOS

2011 is the year for ps3 homebrew!

Nothing more for sony to do but cry.  After team fail0verflow’s diligent efforts and geohot’s typical rush to publish something he’d probably been sitting on for months.  27c3 brought news of sony’s epic fail and people almost forgot what geohot had done months earlier.  This will be an exciting year.  i wonder what sony’s next move will be?  i’ll keep you updated.

Limera1n on our parade.

in typical geohot fashion, he released his new jailbreak limera1n out of nowhere without consulting the rest of the scene (or even much testing). At the time of this post, there are already four updates to his tool. Chronicdev and Dev-team are quickly updating their own tools to use the limera1n exploit. This way, they can save SHAtter for a later release. Limera1n and SHAtter are bootrom exploits. This means they cannot be patched out with a software update. However, they themselves are tethered jailbreaks. They rely on the hard work of @comex to patch the kernel and make it untethered. Limera1n does have the advantage of supporting more then just a4 devises (new bootrom 3GS owners cheer). Unlockers beware, updating to an unmodified ipsw will break your unlock possibly for a long time.

iPhone goes untethered! bootrom 359.3.2 goes down!

@geohot did it again! in a video that meets @Musclenerd strict standards. This works with the newest 3gs as well as all iPod Touches we’ve seen thus far. no release date yet, but we’d expect it after the upcoming hardware and software updates. 3.2 or 4.0? iPad or new iPhone. we’ll just have to wait and see.

this may mean that a day 1 iPad jailbreak is possible!


closer inspection of the spirit exploit, not a bootrom exploit. The title was wrong. Still no 359.3.2 exploit.

finally goes down with the release of limera1n.  (limera1n-on-our-parade)

Sony PS3 hacked!

Over 3 years after it’s release. nice work george.  (@geohot)

In his post Hello hypervisor, I’m geohot George explains that he can run code and has the dumps necessary to crack the encryption needed to make applications.  it’s the start of a VERY long road, but i am very excited to know it’s beginning.  i was just tinkering with my ps3 last night as well.  i look forward to the coming ps3 homebrew scene.