ComicCon 2014 is done and we had a blast!

ComicCon 2014 Costume be3n Chewbacca Bath RobeOur visit to San Diego is over, but the memories live on. I usually post as I go, but the cell service was so atrocious at the convention center, I couldn’t do any more then text from the convention floor. Here are some of my pics.  I think i’ll start with the bath robe I almost bought.  It was luxuriously soft and made me look like my favorite Wookie.

This year I explored the free open to all NerdHQ that was set up at Petco Park.  it was pretty cool with lots of video game demos, panels,  and other neat stuff.  Some of the neatest was a display from Stupid Buddy Studios the stop motion guys who bring us Robot Chicken, among many other fun projects.

This guy actually controls the camera setup during the shoots with this modified Nintendo Power Glove. Love the retooled retro cool.  I also learned about the culture of their office.  It is themed like a scout troupe complete with patches awarded for projects completed and woodland wall paper in their LA offices.  See some of the patches sewn into uniform shirts reminiscent of brownie uniforms of the 80s.

Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Production PatchesComic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Power Glove
Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Robot Chicken Set
ComicCon 2014 Convention Center Mariot
Comic Con 2014 Creature CreationComic Con 2014 Costume Skeletor
Comic Con 2014 Costume Tim Burtons Mad Hatter Queen Of HeartsComic Con 2014 Costume Zombie Princess
Comic Con 2014 NerdHQ Set be3n climb buildingComic Con 2014 Local Cafe Tip War Marvel Vs DC
Of course I love it when the locals get in on the fun. See the ingenious technique used by a local cafe to get extra tips.  (DC was killing it)

Even Samsung had an amazing superhero inspired display made of their amazing devices.  Last, but certainly not least. . . Huge Thanks to Jenn!

Comic Con 2014 Ghostbusters Ecto1 be3nComic Con 2014 Samsung LoungeComic Con 2014 Costume Dr Octopus

Geohot threw in the towel and rooted my Note!

20140620-171212-61932426.jpg Towelroot is a fast and easy tool to root your Android device. The first version didn’t work for very many devices, but now it seems he’s refined the process. More devices supported and no more reboot required. It is certainly nice to gain the extra privileges finally as I was just beginning to need it. My android experiments have until now been within the bounds of google’s sandbox. Very soon I will be using android as my primary mobile device so this was magnificent timing. Thanks George. I cannot wait to see what you break/fix next.

On a side note, this is one of my favorite features of Android’s security model. Let the user decide. See the screen shot bellow. Could you imagine something similar on iOS?
Android Warning you would never see on iOS

My fist robot!

Me and my Samsung Galaxy Note II

My new Samsung Galaxy Note II came to me today. My first Android since I got it running on my original iphone. In other words, this is the first time I have had my own full featured and power android device. My first impressions are quite favorable. I am amazed at all the things I can do without voiding the warranty.  It is highly configurable. Expect a detailed analysis from me soon.