iOS 8.4.1 released 8.4 Signing window is closing. . .

new iOS version 8.4.1If you would like to restore your device for jailbreaking, now is the last chance for a while (probably until 9.0.1 or so).  It is not difficult as long as Apple is still signing the earlier version.  Simply visit and download the iOS version you wish to install (for us it is 8.4 for your device model).  Once this file is downloaded, fire up iTunes select the summary screen for your device, hold option (or alt if you are on windows) and click restore.  This will bring up an open dialogue and simply feed it the file you downloaded in the previous step.  You will need to temporarily turn off Find My iPhone before you will be allowed to restore.  Restoring creates a cleaner foundation for the jailbreak.  It is not always required, but i highly recommend it.  Soon, we will not be able to restore without loosing jailbreak.  We want to ensure that our devices are functioning fully.  That is why we jailbreak!

new iOS version restore

check status of apple signing:

TaiG now has a mac version. Download jailbreak here:

8.4 is out. TaiG Jailbreak updated!

TiaG LogoWow, great timing guys.  Wonderful work.  I just hope you fixed the little setreuid() bug that allows root privilege escalation from any running app.  It’s nice to have a phone that cannot be reboot by a txt message.  Now that app developers have had some time to update their apps/manifests the jailbreak experience is looking glorious.

Side note:  8.3 is still being signed. Check this site for current signing status.  @notcom of TinyUmbrella also says save your blobs!  We have yet to learn what magic they have in store for us.

TaiG Homepage

Jailbreak is here!!!!

thanks to great work by @comex and the rest of the iphone-dev team, we again have a userland jailbreak, and a return of this works on all devices with most current 4.0.x iOS version. so make sure to back up your blobs if you want to keep it. (ps, yea. . . i called it. sunday is jailbreak day!)

For starters, i want to praise the hard work of everyone who made this possible. Not since iPhone OS 1.1.1 has jailbreaking been so easy it doesn’t require a restore, let alone a computer. Also, many jailbroken apps and hacks are not fully compatible with the new device/OS, be patient while developers update their apps.

UPDATE: numerous reports of FaceTime and MMS problems. I’m sure keyboards are a flurry working on the solution. if you are timid about this sort of thing, you might want to wait.

UPDATE:  FaceTime/MMS prob fixed to new jailbreakers.  People experiencing it from earlier jailbreak, still working on a fix. Fixed.