Pangu releases jailbreak for iOS 7.1/7.1.1!

pangu jailbreak icon Exciting to see a new player on the jailbreak scene.  This new player brings drama we haven’t seen since Zibri left the scene.  Wrought with the threat of malware and with the inclusion of a pirated App Store this jailbreak has certainly raised many questions as to the safety and legality of the software.  It’s installation is easy enough.  Nearly as simple as the evad3rs jailbreaks.  The main cravat is the inclusion of an expired corporate code signing certificate.  This requires that you set the date on your device to June 2nd and also to verify that you want to run an application from developer “iPhone Distribution:  Hefei Bo Fang communication technology co. LTD.”

It seems that much of the drama stems from the source of the bugs used to complete the process.  @i0n1c has been quite vocal about the whole thing.

pangu jailbreak i0n1c twitter-1

pangu jailbreak i0n1c twitter-2

Pangu makes no attempt to conceal what they did.  Thanking @i0n1c right on their app, even linking to his twitter feed.  They are not exactly claiming credit for his work, nor do i see how they are making any money from the release of this free jailbreak.  I understand that no permission was given to release this privileged info to the public, but i am glad that someone used it to release a free jailbreak.  Better then the current elevat0r to nowhere.  UPDATE:  pangu released 1.1 version of jailbreak removing @i0n1c’s info leak bugs and fixing boot loop issues experience by some users.  Not a great idea to burn more bugs, really no purpose at this point. Also, english release makes it easier for me to read.  UPDATE:  Apple released 7.1.2.  Pangu jailbreak includes 7.1.2.

pangu jailbreak new

pangu jailbreak start

pangu jailbreak finish

Lets see what the experts say. . .

pangu jailbreak twitter comex

pangu jailbreak musclenerd twitter-1

pangu jailbreak musclenerd twitter-2

pangu jailbreak musclenerd twitter-3

pangu jailbreak ih8sn0w twitter-1

Here are a few screens from the process.  I wasn’t quick enough to grab the startup screen with a thank you message.  Presently, the installer only runs in windows, but it can even be done with virtualization.  They claim a mac version is coming soon now avaliable. or english version:

pangu jailbreak iphone screen-1pangu jailbreak iphone screen-2
pangu jailbreak iphone screen-3pangu jailbreak iphone screen-4 is back! This time iPad 2 can play!

Despite numerous problems and unrelenting deadlines @comex has come through yet again with another fantastic jailbreak! When an unfinished beta of the latest iPad2 jailbreak was leaked, we all new that the window for this exploit was rapidly closing. Apple simply cannot allow userland exploits to exist (for obvious reasons). I am delighted that all the iPhone-dev guys got their act together and released. What are you waiting for

Limera1n on our parade.

in typical geohot fashion, he released his new jailbreak limera1n out of nowhere without consulting the rest of the scene (or even much testing). At the time of this post, there are already four updates to his tool. Chronicdev and Dev-team are quickly updating their own tools to use the limera1n exploit. This way, they can save SHAtter for a later release. Limera1n and SHAtter are bootrom exploits. This means they cannot be patched out with a software update. However, they themselves are tethered jailbreaks. They rely on the hard work of @comex to patch the kernel and make it untethered. Limera1n does have the advantage of supporting more then just a4 devises (new bootrom 3GS owners cheer). Unlockers beware, updating to an unmodified ipsw will break your unlock possibly for a long time.

Jailbreak is here!!!!

thanks to great work by @comex and the rest of the iphone-dev team, we again have a userland jailbreak, and a return of this works on all devices with most current 4.0.x iOS version. so make sure to back up your blobs if you want to keep it. (ps, yea. . . i called it. sunday is jailbreak day!)

For starters, i want to praise the hard work of everyone who made this possible. Not since iPhone OS 1.1.1 has jailbreaking been so easy it doesn’t require a restore, let alone a computer. Also, many jailbroken apps and hacks are not fully compatible with the new device/OS, be patient while developers update their apps.

UPDATE: numerous reports of FaceTime and MMS problems. I’m sure keyboards are a flurry working on the solution. if you are timid about this sort of thing, you might want to wait.

UPDATE:  FaceTime/MMS prob fixed to new jailbreakers.  People experiencing it from earlier jailbreak, still working on a fix. Fixed.