And the lulz keep coming!

LulzSec is back at it.  Actually they never stopped, but this time they released 26,000 emails and passwords from a pile of porn sites.  Again we are reminded of the ills of password reuse as email, facebook, and twitter accounts fall.  This is going to reverberate across the net for a while as troublemakers make trouble for some poor porn subscribers.  I almost feel bad for them.  This is one way to educate the populous.  Facebook was quick to block the listed emails, but if email is also compromised, it doesn’t help for long.

Update 11-27-15 (now dead link):

LulzSec Declares War on Obama’s Hacking Crackdown!

lulzsec ascii logoTheir recents exploits include hacking FBI affiliate Infragard (Atlanta Chapter).  They defaced the website, stole account information, and messed with their users.  Particularly Karim Hijazi of Unveillance.  LulzSec alleges that Karim (in a chat on IRC) offered them money and information to hack and his competition in the security industry.  This kind hypocritical behavior is specifically deplored by hackers.  Hijazi’s company email was posted online and in LulzSec’s official statement they threaten the release of his personal email as well.  LulSec started taking donations with BitCoin.  They used some of the money to pay for servers and their “” domain which appears at present to be down.

lulzsec hacks PBS in support of wikileaks.

After PBS’s documentary on wikileaks “Wikisecrets” painted alleged cablegate leaker Bradley Manning in a seemingly negative light some hacktivists have set their sights on PBS. A group going by the name “LulzSec” posted some fake news stories and pages on PBS’s site and published database dumps of usernames, passwords, email, and other confidential information here. Though they claim not to be affiliated with Anonymous, the style is certainly similar. They even included a taunting statement, “Hey Anonymous, we heard you were having trouble!” in reference to the recent anonymous split and hack. I suspect these are more 4chan hackers, possibly even the ones responsible for the hack.

Oficial Lulzsec Statement:
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