iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak released at Hack in The Box Conference! Untethered with iPad 3 Support!

The Dream Team did it again! With Absinthe 2.0.1 2.0.4, Chronic Dev & iPhone Dev Team have piled amazing exploits into a very easy tool. Official Press Release. Get your download here. Wish i was in Amsterdam with all of you having a blast. Thanks for all your work. I missed you Cydia, VLC, SBSettings, now if only i had Safari downloader!

And the lulz keep coming!

LulzSec is back at it.  Actually they never stopped, but this time they released 26,000 emails and passwords from a pile of porn sites.  Again we are reminded of the ills of password reuse as email, facebook, and twitter accounts fall.  This is going to reverberate across the net for a while as troublemakers make trouble for some poor porn subscribers.  I almost feel bad for them.  This is one way to educate the populous.  Facebook was quick to block the listed emails, but if email is also compromised, it doesn’t help for long.

Update 11-27-15 (now dead link):

Limera1n on our parade.

in typical geohot fashion, he released his new jailbreak limera1n out of nowhere without consulting the rest of the scene (or even much testing). At the time of this post, there are already four updates to his tool. Chronicdev and Dev-team are quickly updating their own tools to use the limera1n exploit. This way, they can save SHAtter for a later release. Limera1n and SHAtter are bootrom exploits. This means they cannot be patched out with a software update. However, they themselves are tethered jailbreaks. They rely on the hard work of @comex to patch the kernel and make it untethered. Limera1n does have the advantage of supporting more then just a4 devises (new bootrom 3GS owners cheer). Unlockers beware, updating to an unmodified ipsw will break your unlock possibly for a long time.