Dreamhost you made a fool of me.

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I recommended Dreamhost highly for many years.  When Mac Enthusiasts asked me where they should host their email, I said Dreamhost without a pause.  We moved the MX record over the weekend from Media Temple to Dreamhost and waited as the DNS records propagated throughout the internet.  Monday morning I left everyone’s new credentials on a note so they could get to work.  Immediately, we noticed a problem.  The mail server was unresponsive.  By noon, I had a good understanding of the problem and I submitted a support request.  Dreamhost did not respond until after 9pm and this was all they said.

I’m terribly sorry for the issues with the mail service responding slowly today. It looks like there was an issue with our POP/IMAP machines causing the slowness with the accessing of your mailbox earlier today.  Our Admins were able to look into this matter and get the issue resolved.  This was a temporary issue with the mail load spiking, resulting in the slowness, but that’s all resolved now.

Oh good one might think.  Problem reported, problem solved.  Not so.  Of course now that buisness was done, I couldn’t verify their claim. Again I waited to see if their claim was true.  It was not.  It the light of Tuesday morning macenthusiasts.com email was completely unusable from the office.  So once again, I carefully composed my support request.  They quickly responded with additional questions, I immediately answered.  They wanted the IP of the office and a traceroute to their mail server.  No response from Dreamhost until 1am.  This is what they said:

This should be resolved with the load balancing issues resolved. I just checked multiple email addresses from your domain, and was able to connect to them on multiple ports. I also checked and found that your office IP address is not currently banned. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you, your tickets were placed in my queue when I was out of
the office. Please let us know if the issues are continuing in the office, so we can continue to look at the office, and troubleshoot there.

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ISP Migration Underway!

You will have to excuse the recent lack of posts.  I have been in the process of packing up and moving all my domains to their new host, Site5.  This has been a particularly arguious journey, as I have been with my old host for nearly a decade.  Many of my sites were custom, undocumented and needed to be moved by hand.  This post is itself a test of my syndication.

@joedolson maker of WP-Twitter WordPress plugin

after working with and loving WP to Twitter for weeks, it abruptly stopped working for an entire day.

Post generated server error, but posted to wordpress not twitter.

Update: now it appears to be resolved. i am now guessing some resource on my shared host was busy. (Dreamhost i’m looking at you) if it returns i’ll get another change to figure it out. thanks again for your help joe.